Home Insurance Tips

At Hunt & Dopson our mission is to provide insurance protection in case of major disasters like fire, wind, explosions etc.

However claim prevention is also part of what we do. Below are some tips that will help keep you and your property safe.

Crime Prevention

  • Studies show that most burglars attack during the daytime when dense bushes and trees protect them from view, and the building appears unoccupied.
  • 33% of the burglars try and enter from the basement, 33% try and force entry through a door or a window.
  • 33% try and gain access from an unlocked/open door or window.

Inside your home

  • Close blinds and curtains at night so that a burglar can't scope your belongings.
  • Home alarm systems are a great deterrent, also you save some insurance money as most of the insurance companies give you a discount for having the alarm system.
  • Use timers to maintain normal lighting patterns.
  • Leave a radio on when you are away for short periods of time.
  • Keep an inventory of your home contents and belongings, click pictures or videotape them and keep it in a secured place. (You might need this to show it to the Insurance adjuster, should a loss arise! Keep receipts of the new things you buy or install as well)

Outside of your home

  • Illuminate as much of your property as possible.
  • Exterior doors should be solid, not hollow. Metal doors provide the best protection in case of forced entry.
  • Install dead-bolt locks.
  • Dogs are a great deterrent, try and place a "beware of dog" sticker which can be seen, irrespective of you having a dog or not! Keep in mind, if you do have a dog, and it bites someone, you might find yourself in a legal situation! A dog that barks is better than one that bites!
  • Don't leave spare keys in an obvious place, such as under the door mat, mailbox etc.

Going on vacation

  • Stop the mail delivery.
  • Arrange for a neighbour to cut grass or shovel snow.
  • Maintain normal lighting patterns by using electronic timers.
  • Ask a neighbour to put a garbage bag in front of your house on a collection day.
  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway.
  • Don't mention about your vacation plans to any stranger or service people.
  • Use your work address on your luggage tags so a potential burglar won't know where your empty house is.
  • Let a friend or relative know how long you will be away, contact details etc.

What to do if your house is broken into

  • Don't stay - Always think of your safety first.
  • Never confront a burglar or block the exit route.
  • Go immediately to a neighbour's house or a nearby location and call the police.